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We are looking for articles that capture how various facets of our lives intersect with technology and the computer sciences.  

How Long Should Your Submission Be?

Long-Type Articles

Articles not exceeding 1500 words, which provide an in-depth analysis of the subject matter.


Short-Type Articles

Articles of length less than 750 words, which are sharp and to the point.

The Types of Articles We Would Like To Publish

Articles that cover a wide range of topics in the Science, Commerce, and Humanities spheres of life.


Articles that aim for strong arguments and analysis, exploring the less obvious facets of technology in areas of consumer culture, art & design, language, policy, and pop culture. 


All these things are much more than simply technology—they’re how people relate to life, and how they ask and answer questions about what it means to be living in the information age.Here are a few articles that we found interesting :


Why Captchas got so difficult - The Verge

The New Tech of Relationships - The Nautilus

What if ET is an AI? -  The Aeon

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