• Amitesh Anand Pandey

Solitude is the Key to Creativity

Albert Einstein - Leonardo Davinci - Nikola Tesla, all have two things in common. They were all immensely creative in their fields, may it be theorising the functioning of the universe for Albert Einstein, or crafting timeless masterpieces of art for DaVinci, or merely creating modern-day engineering for Tesla. Creativity though wasn't the only trait common amongst all these great minds; they were also lonely. Lonely not by compulsion but by will. They chose to surround themselves with nobody but their minds. One could argue that for them, solitude was bliss. It has been proven time, and again that surrounding yourself with only your thoughts increases your capacity to analyse critically. Elizabeth Bishop, an American woman, known for her poetry, claimed that everyone should at least face one prolonged period of silence and isolation in their lives, not as a means for torture, but to grasp the real power of their own selves. There exist countless examples of exceptionally bright people being introverted and working entirely alone, which alone is not reason enough to believe that group discussions and teamwork don't lead to good outcomes. But, it does imply that the outstanding results are only a function of how quiet your environment is, and how conducive it is for original and creative thinking. Hence, humans may be social animals, but at the end of the day, we are all alone in this world, and we should spend quality time with ourselves, and who knows, maybe we become the next Einsteins and Michael Jacksons. As Patricia Highsmith, the revolutionary American writer, said:

My imagination functions much better when I don't have to speak to people.



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