ur Manifesto

Computer Science — is it just a preferred major for college students around the world, who would like to mint some money and social capital? And, if not, why do the more cerebral and societally significant facets of this "applied" science elude popular imagination? What is it about this enigmatic field of study, replete with its own share of perversely obscure and difficult concepts, which makes such an easy target for TV shows and films to butcher.  Compression algorithms, Java and Scala coding, systems architecture, linear Programming, computational linguistics — it has got it all and then some more  —  far more than anything we can generically ascribe to it.

A simple Hello World code puts you well above the average person in terms of this subject's knowledge. This goes to show how very ill-informed or uneducated the average person is about this subject and not how difficult it is. We here, at the Coder's Collective, believe that this beautiful subject, which comprises of everything literally written on a script of numbers, deserves much more than flashy movie references and harsh comparisons to Quantum Mechanics.

Our goal here is not to discuss how to make a Neural Network, but how the Neural Network affects every one of us and in what ways. We have often found a sort of polarity in the subject, you either are running a complicated IDE on a virtual machine designing ML models or you are baffled by all the words that product reviewers nowadays like to throw.

Such polarity, often observed in other subjects such as philosophy or physics, is very harmful to both the public's awareness and the academic reputation of the subject. This gap in the distribution of knowledge amongst the people is what we thrive to bridge.



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